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winning synergy

Componi gare d'appalto in tempi brevissimi.
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The winning synergy of software and skills to optimize your purchasing processes

winning synergy

La piattaforma di e-Procurement è integrabile con le tue soluzioni gestionali esistenti


The Venicecom e-Procurement platform for public and private sector with more than 15 years of history

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Con il nostro Supporto Operativo e Giuridico non sei più solo nella gestione delle gare d'appalto


Support, service desk and assistance with trained operators and legal consultants

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Ease of use and versatility and a quick and complete integration with the most popular software systems

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PRO-Q is the Venicecom web-based platform to manage the complete e-Procurement process. With more than 15 years of history, it’s currently used by multinational companies and public organizations in Italy and abroad.

PRO-Q is the single tool to manage the e-Procurement process end-to-end. Modular architecture allows to implement each phase of the e-Procurement process (from the needs definition to the contract execution) independently, adapting to the specific needs of both private companies and public agencies.

PRO-Q is highly configurable to match different workflows, regulations, and organizational structures with no need to modify the software.

  • Digitize the complete process, thus obtaining a reduction in management times, use of paper, mail and telephone, also allowing the use of the digital signature.
  • It facilitates the acquisition, loyalty and evaluation of suppliers, allows their selection, so that the purchase demand can meet the best offers of its potential suppliers.
  • It allows centralized management of purchases.


PRO-Q is designed with a modular architecture to allow a step-by-step or a big-bang approach to the e-Procurement process implementation, also integrating the supplier management and communication tools to work all along the process.

The basic functionalities of PRO-Q include:

  • user management,
  • system administration and configuration,
  • data import and export,
  • security and encryption of all information,
  • data exchange with ERPs and other Information Systems (Warehouse Management Systems, Document Management Systems, etc.)

and more are added continuously.

Clients can also choose to activate any or all of the PRO-Q’s modules, according to their needs.

The PRO-Q team includes top quality support and help desk services and specialized law experts that guide the process of keeping the software up-to-date with evolving regulations and can provide full support to public agencies in every step of the process.


PRO-Q manages the exchange and management of all information between Supplier and Customer for a personalized data management and communication process.

PRO-Q allows you to choose the best offer for your company, thanks to an online negotiation process that supports the selection of the economically best offer among those that comply with the desired quality requirements.


A multi-language and multi-currency, easy-to-learn user interface provides functionalities to suppliers and internal users at the same time, with a cutting-edge architecture that can be deployed both as SAAS on any public or private cloud or on premise.


Needs Definition & Purchase Planning

  • Create and modify needs  
  • Approval workflow  
  • Product category management 
  • Company / agency structure management 
  • Needs aggregation / splitting  
  • Purchase scheduling
  • Financial planning
  • Expense forecast 
  • Purchase request management

Electronic Tendering

  • Tender composition 
  • Tender committee management
  • Communication platform
  • Tender minutes composition
  • Fully integrated supplier management tool
  • Tender scheduling engine with configurable process rules for any procedure
  • Electronic auctions 
  • Dynamic questionnaire generator
  • Document management

e-Procurement Workplace

  • Supplier application management
  • Catalog management
  • Purchase management via Direct Purcharse Order

Contract Execution

  • Contract management
  • Document management  
  • Integrated communication platform 
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Full integration with KronosApp. Venicecom’s solution for the project governance

Communication Management

  • Communication template management
  • Single, broadcast and multicast messaging  
  • E-mail notification for all communications
  • Communication log and search engine
  • Multi-user management 
  • Can manage any kind of attachments 

Supplier Management

  • Supplier self subscription, update and renewal 
  • Supplier qualification
  • Document management and approval
  • Supplier history
  • Multi user access for suppliers 
  • Dynamic questionnaires, whose answers can be used in search engine even in the tender panel
  • Supplier rating and ranking

Business Intelligence

  • Tender analysis
  • Spend analysis


  • Help desk for clients’ and suppliers’ users
  • Legal support to public agencies for any type of procedure
  • Data migration tools and support to import data to or from PRO-Q
  • Training and coaching
  • Legal advisory to adapt to regulations evolution
  • Software customization
  • System integration
  • Business Process Engineering and monitoring
  • Technical support for any kind of installation


Efficient and effective management of the supplier relationship process: Supplier Relationship Management, SRM

Standardization of procedures, general simplification of the purchasing process and reduction of the possibility of human error.

Governance through approval and workflow processes. Control of the purchasing process based on company policies

Traceability of operations and communications with usability even in mobility of data and activities

Speeding up of data management through the possibility of integration with any Customer ERP and Documentation

Management of online negotiation: advanced functions to manage any type of negotiation